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This game is going to tease your brain!

LogiPix is a combination of Griddler and Minesweeper, with a hint of Sudoku, where the goal is to reveal a hidden picture. The simple rules give birth to complex gameplay.

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LogiPix is a logic puzzle game, where the goal is to reveal a hidden picture.
The play area is a grid with colors and numbers within.

Each number indicates how many colored squares surrounding it will be colored (including the square the number sits on itself).


• A square marked 9 will have all nine squares (eight surrounding and itself) colored with one single color.

• A square marked 0 will have all nine squares filled with the background's color.

• A square marked 9(pow 2) will have 9 squares filled using 2 different colors.



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My games do not collect any personal user data, analytics, or location information from your mobile device, nor do they need the creation of a user account.



TheOneManINC is the place where Mátyás Fábián unleashes his video game creations to the world. I’m an iOS software developer, so naturally that’s the primary platform I develop games for. Stay tuned for more ideas turned into joy!

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